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It's hard to portray Rio only with words... We would like to show you some images, too. Explore in detail favorite parts of the city, like Ipanema, Copacabana and Downtown. Enjoy exciting sequences of action shots, featuring the most popular beach sports, and oversized posters of Rio de Janeiro's postcards. Join us on the celebrations of New Year's in Copacabana, and Carnival at the Sambodrome, or in the streets.

Don't miss our latest additions. Enjoy a stroll along Rio de Janeiro's Botanical Garden, or experience the typical food and cultural traditions of the Feira do Nordeste. Visit the hills of Penedo and Parque do Itatiaia, Brazil's first National Park a couple of hours away from the city. Our next Off-Rio suggestion is Paraty, a preserved historical town and a diver's paradise with hundreds of islands to choose from.

Pictours of Rio is illustrated with hundreds of original photos. To give you an idea of quantity, the last time we counted there were over 500 images of Carnival alone! To give you an idea of quality, we have photos on display in two U.S. museums, and a number of international publications. Be our guest, and pick your pictour!

If you're looking for action, this is where you start. Enjoy beach sports in Rio's favorite setting - Ipanema Beach! Start on the sand, and choose from beach soccer to volleyball, beach tennis, or foot volleyball. Go on to the sea for great surfing, skimboarding or bodyboarding, bodysurfing, or just swimming.

Joggers, cyclers and skaters rule on the bicycle lane, and along the beach on Sundays. This is the right day to watch an exciting roda de capoeira! And when you get tired from all the activities, grab a cold drink, and go people watching at Cap Ferrat.

Welcome to Rio's favorite neighborhood. Start with the beach tour, and learn what is the right spot for you to hang out. From families with babies, to teens, jocks and beach goddesses, to university students and artists, gays and lesbians, all are welcome. Take your time to watch the dogs on parade, meet the beach people. And, of course, don't miss all the beach sports!

Enjoy a special Sunday at the beach, and leave in time to check out the Hippie Fair. Go on a shopping spree on the main street, starting at Bar 20. Catch your breath watching the children play at the Peace Square, or the plants for sale in the streets. Use the clickable map for orientation.

Rio de Janeiro's Princess of the Sea, Copacabana certainly has something for everyone. You will find everything from landmark art-deco building to strip clubs, from posh hotels along the beach to sex hotels that you pay by the hour, from millionaires living in mansions, to working class families sharing tiny studios.

Add a gorgeous beach where everybody gets together, a main street where you can buy everything you can think of, and you will start to appreciate some of its charm. It will become a permanent love affair when you find about the New Year's festivities, that attract 2 million people from all over the world! Use the clickable map for orientation.

You've already mastered two of Rio's favorite neighborhoods, Ipanema and Copacabana. Now it's time to expand your horizons. Let us introduce you to Ipanema's next door neighbors: Arpoador, Leblon and Lagoa. Another part of the city you cannot miss is Downtown, Rio de Janeiro's historical Centro. Find more details about each area with Citytours & Clickable Street Maps.

Our next spotlight is on Rio's major events. New Year's Eve is when 2 million people get together at Copacabana Beach to celebrate. Proceed to Carnival, the greatest show on earth. Learn about the interesting backstage action, and have a few laughs with the hilarious Drags from Ipanema.

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