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Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved | Todos os direitos reservados This photo is digitally watermarked and tracked. Property of map includes some of our favorite areas in Rio. The East part of Ipanema features a number of bars, restaurants, hotels, and all conveniences from supermarkets to 24-hour newsstands. The center of the spot is Praça General Osório, a charming square two blocks away from Ipanema Beach. During Carnival festivities, it is home to Banda de Ipanema - the most colorful Street Carnival event in town.

Arpoador is vaguely defined by an area between delimited by streets Rainha Elizabeth and Francisco Bhering - the beach strip. It includes two beaches, a park overlooking the ocean, some of Rio's most desirable apartment buildings, and many other attractions. It tends to get overcrowded on weekends, particularly on summer Sundays.

Posto 6 is probably the most desirable area to live or stay in Copacabana. It is only a few streets away from Ipanema and Arpoador, so there 4 different beaches to choose from! There are excellent hotels on Av. Atlântica, and this is where New Year's Eve celebrations take place. Count on good restaurants, easy transportation, and top night clubs -- everything is in a walking distance. Click your way around the map for photos and insider's tips.

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