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Love the ocean but hate the sand? Hello paradise! You may enjoy a whole day under the sun without ever stepping on the sand. There is a natural pool on the South Side of the rocks, if you are the adventurous kind.
Take the leisure walk and go all the way to the top of the rocks. The view from here is even more spectacular than the one from Garota de Ipanema Park.
Photo by Marcos Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Is this place for real? Yes, this is the Rio thing. Pay attention to the rolling hills that surround Ipanema and Leblon. This contrast of mountains, sand and ocean is the key to understanding the Marvelous factor in the city´s nickname.
Too bad we couldn't count on Marilyn Monroe for our textures photo (Seven Year Itch fans will understand). The granite rocks of Arpoador are molded by the wind and the sea, with intricate bowls and bumps and veins.
Is it true one can see the Sugarloaf from here?
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