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Surprise, surprise. Another beach to the East of Arpoador. Meet the Devil's Beach ( Praia do Diabo ). Small and secluded, it is deserted on off-summer weekdays. Dogs love to play here early in the morning, though they are not officially welcome.
Our civic-minded Fred saw a coconut floating on the water. Being a good Carioca, he draws no line when it comes to keeping his neighborhood and his city clean and tidy. An expert coconut fetcher, he is currently trying to teach this trick to his puppies. Now he will take the coconut to one of the garbage cans around.
Took us years of training to reach this level of proficiency, you know.
Photo by Marcos Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Ooops... Seems he had plans of his own for the coconut. It took about 15 minutes to talk him out of keeping this particular coconut as a permanent toy. By the end of our conversation , the poor coconut was already torn to shreds, anyway. Fred's human pet later collected the bits and pieces.
Wait a minute: this mountain in the back looks vaguely familiar. Oh, it is the Sugarloaf, that hill in Urca with the cable cars. Copacabana and Leme are on the left side of the photo.
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