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Favela do Vidigal seen from above. Photo by Silviano for This photo is digitally watermarked and tracked. All rights reserved | Todos os direitos reservados

Vidigal is the name of one of the most visible working class communities in Rio de Janeiro. It starts at the foot of Dois Irmaos Hills, and stretches almost all the way to Sao Conrado, on the other side of the twin hills.

Unlike the image you may have of a favela, all houses and buildings in Vidigal are masonry, and they have a view to Ipanema and Leblon that won't quit. Unfortunately there aren't guided tours like the ones offered at Rocinha.

Vidigal has an active community and there are several social projects helping to integrate residents - including theater groups and even a radio. The access to the favela is via Av. Niemeyer, the road that links Leblon to Sao Conrado. Vidigal is also the name of the small beach in front of Hotel Sheraton.

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