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Walking is the best way to explore Leblon. Distances are relatively small and the neighborhood is flat, except for residential Upper Leblon. Below we have listed some areas that are particularly suitable for walking tours. You will find more attractions and highlights at All About Leblon, and photos and tips at Pictours of Leblon I & II. Enjoy!

Start at Cazuza Square, where streets Dias Ferreira and Ataúfo de Paiva meet. This triangle stretching all the way to Rua General Artigas is dotted with restaurants, cafes, snack bars, and bakeries. Walk around a bit and we are sure you will find a venue with your name written all over it. Along the main street there is a 24-hour newstand, bookshop and drugstore. The supermarket on Dias Ferreira is open until 3 a.m.

The long street connecting Leblon to Gávea and Jardim Botânico is an attraction apart. Start at the beach and do not miss any of the blocks. Stop at plant stands of Antero de Quental, one of Rio's most charming squares.The corner of Rua Tubira concentrates a number of auto-shops, if you need a tune-up. Take a left turn you will run into Plataforma, Cobal, Flamengo Club, and Selva de Pedra.

Leblon beach is one of Rio's prettiest, and there are a few spots you cannot miss. The first is known as Baixo Bebê, across from Venâncio de Flores street. This is a meeting spot for Carioca babies every sunny morning. And then there's the famous sunset Capoeira practice at the park on the west end of Leblon Beach. It is your chance to watch the African-Brazilian martial art in an unforgettable setting. Rua Leblon, possibly Rio's shortest street, is also another curiosity. It is open for pedestrians and residents only. There is a café along Av. Delfim Moreira, the popular Caneco 70 (celebrating the Soccer Cup of 1970).

This short walk along Av. Ataulfo de Paiva towards Ipanema starts at Rua Carlos Goes . The first corner is very popular with cafés, 2 movie theaters, snack bars, a juice store, and famous botequim Clipper. Stop for a bite or a drink and go on. You will soon see a towering black building on your left hand side. On first 4 floors of this co-op is Rio Design Center, Rio's most sophisticaded home and decor mall. Do not miss the antique shop on the third floor with a collection of exquisite vases and other objects themed after Rio de Janeiro. The gas station convenience store and the newsstand across the street are open 24 hours. Keep walking all the way to Ipanema, and the street will change names to Visconde de Pirajá.
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