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Way back in the 60’s Cariocas Cabo Frio became a popular weekend getaway for Cariocas. Many kept homes there and spent the whole summer. The ones with better cars to face the dirt road would sometimes go on a picnic in a sleepy fishermen’s village in a peninsula – and there were 23 beaches to choose from!

Then one day, in 1964, a gentleman named Bob Zagury brought along his girlfriend to spend some time in this quiet and unspoiled spot. It’s just what she needed to get away from the stress and the gazillion photographers that kept following her around. Her name: Brigitte Bardot.

This is the first time Búzios really made the headlines. Today it is Brazil’s most sophisticated beach resort. The town grew up without losing its character, and the townhouses, inns, restaurants, boutiques, cafés and other structures follow what became known as typical Buzioesque style.

Summer is high season in Búzios, but it’s a perfect year-round destination. This is the sunniest area in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and even when it rains in the city of Rio it may be sunny in Búzios. Movie and gourmet festivals are among the attractions in the calendar.

What to do and to see

The main day attraction in Búzios is the collection of 23 beaches, each with its own flavor. Beach hopping is a popular Búzios sport. You can choose from small secluded beaches with tranquil waters to long windy beaches perfect for windsurfing, beaches with consistently good waves for surfing, even a nudist beach if you want to let it all hang out!
If you are short of time, or even if you are staying for a few days, it is worth considering the guided beach tour. You will visit the main beaches on an open truck, and stop for a dip at a favorite beach. An alternative is taking the boat tour, and seeing all beaches from a different perspective. You will learn some of the fact about Búzios along the way, and later you can go back to the beach that you liked best.

Beaches to Visit

Azeda e Azedinha

these two small beaches right next to each other have tranquil waters that are never rough. You can reach them on foot with a short walk from Praia dos Ossos.

João Fernandes

with a good number of hotels and inns and a private beach club, this is one of Búzios’ most sophisticated beaches.


this is a longer yet gorgeous beach, a few minutes off Downtown Búzios. A favorite with surfers for decades, Geribá offers a number of lodging alternatives in addition to the private houses and mansions. Ferradurinha and Praia dos Amores are a short walk away and worth visiting.

Praia da Armação

the beach bathing Downtown Búzios is home to Orla Bardot, a promenade lined up with sophisticated restaurants. Bronze statues of Brigitte Bardot, fishermen and cult president Juscelino Kubitschek overlooking the boats provide perfect photo opportunities.

Pedra da Tartaruga

this rock formation really looks like a sea turtle like the name says. If you go to Búzios you have to take a photo.

Rua das Pedras

during the day you will be too busy with the beaches and the sea. But save your strength as there’s more to do before you tuck in. Búzios has a promenade named Rua das Pedras, where everything happens. Boutiques, cafés and restaurants are open until very late. Summer or not there’s always good food, shopping opportunities, people watching, and this is where everybody in Búzios gets together at night.

Pictours of Búzios

Ponta da Lagoinha - some geologists consider this to be the last part of South America to separate from Africa millions of years ago...
Wind-sculpted rocks at Praia do Forno

Pedra da Tartaruga, the Turtle Rock - one of Buzios' most famous postcards

The red sand at Praia do Forno
Natural pool at Ponta da Lagoinha
Natural pool at Ponta da Lagoinha
Arriving at Azeda and Azedinha beaches
Azeda Beach
Some beaches in Búzios have tranquil waters, and they are perfect for families with children
Seafood doesn't get any fresher than this...
Daily boat tours around Búzios are available
Island off-Búzios
Brigitte Bardot traveling incognito, maybe?

Beaches in Búzios are always full of surprises

The sea at João Fernandes Beach
Sunset at Praia dos Ossos
Sunset at Ferradura Beach
Sunset at João Fernandes Beach seen from La Plage Beach Club
Art in Búzios - the fishermen at Orla Bardot
Brigitte Bardot overlooking Orla Bardot
One of the most popular eateries on Rua das Pedras, Chez Michou offers fresh crepes until very late at night
Shops in Búzios' Rua das Pedras and Orla Bardot also remain open until very late.
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