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Home » Pictours of Rio » Arpoador » Garota de Ipanema Park
Skaters of the world rejoice! This is probably the bowl with the prettiest view in the Universe. Kevin Slater has been here. It is a double bowl, dully covered in graffiti. If you are lucky you may see some local skaters perform.
Now we are ready to go downhill, and take a good look at the Garota de Ipanema Park. There are free music and dance performances under this dome on Sundays.
The sign says that you will be fined if you abandon a pet in the park.
Photo by Marcos Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Checkers, chess or hisses? The cats' corner! If you love felines you just have to stop and say hello. This is where they soak up some sun rays, right on top of the tables and benches. As Fred helped us with this particular photo session, we preferred to keep a safe distance (for the cats, that is).
No, fences are not born out of the blue. They take a lot of hard work, especially if they are made in wood. The corrosion is a factor to consider here - iron fences need a new coat of paint every other month to keep in reasonable shape. This wooden fence is a new experiment, and this painter is giving it a first coating of varnish. (meet other extra-ordinary people)
There's much more to see and do around here! Next stop: "Arpoador on the Rocks ".
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