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The North side of Copacabana Beach is named Leme. Using the lifeguard stations as reference, this is where you find Posto 1 (Posto 6 is on the other end, down South). Av. Princesa Isabel is the borderline between Copacabana and Leme (see map). The location is quite strategic, as you are minutes from Botafogo, Urca, Flamengo, and the historical parts of Downtown Rio. If you prefer to go underground, the Lido subway station is only a couple of blocks away. You are five to ten minutes away from South Copacabana or Ipanema.

Morro do Leme, the beautiful hill at the end of the beach, is part of the Corcovado mountain range. This is where the neighborhood got its name from. Right around the hill there's Praia Vermelha, the largest beach in Urca. On top of Morro do Leme you will see a large flag of Brazil. It is placed on the spot of the old Forte do Vigia, built in the XVIII century to protect the city. Forte Duque de Caxias, more commonly known as Forte do Leme is on the foot of the hill. It is a newer strutcture, built in 1913, and now it's used by the army as a cultural center. Morro do Leme is partially circled by the fishermen's path (Caminho dos Pescadores), that was built in 1985. It's a great spot for you to take a panoramic photo of horse-shoe shaped Copacabana Beach.

Leme has good hotels, restaurants, and a character of its own. The beach, very popular with families and residents, is somehow quieter than Copacabana. The beach kiosks in Leme are also very popular with locals. At night they cater to beach soccer athletes that have regular matches after work. If you are not the sportsy kind, ask for a coconut or beer, and enjoy the action from your table.

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