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Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved | Todos os direitos reservadosWhen you watch the Samba Parade from TV, or from the comfort of your numbered seat, you have no idea of the backstage activities involved in the production of this monumental show. Especially because there is no backstage - everything is done right in the middle of the street!

Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved | Todos os direitos reservadosFloatees go up to their positions, sometimes helped by cranes! Don't be shy, and ask that baiana to pose for a photo. Look around and you will see people doing the samba steps, singing, drinking, some chain smoking... The anticipation is big, but in a few moments each one of them will be a star in the greatest show on earth. Join us now on the backstage fun. We will not be surprised to see you marching with a samba school one of these days...
Backstage Fun!
Ready, Get Set, Go!
Doing the Floats
The Concentration
Girls on Parade
Men on Parade
Couples on Parade
Baianas on Parade

Photo by Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Two more, ready to go! The trickiest part of this costume was figuring out how to get the shoulder piece on (you had to turn your head sideways, Egyptian style). We got this tip from these Cariocas - actually two US nationals on their first time in Rio. All you need are the right connections, you know....
It's hard to believe it took less than 10 minutes for the two ordinary guys on the first photo to become proud bearers of the colors of their school, Portela. You may find it even harder if we tell you that these two typical Cariocas are actually Sydneysiders! Lots of people say that marching in the Samba Parade is even more fun than watching... We say you should try both, and make your own decision.
Photo by Silviano for | All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados

The Samba Parade

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