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Dance Club in RioBrazil owes much of its musicality to Africa, including the most famous Brazilian beat - the samba. Legend goes that it all started in Downtown Rio, in the house of a freedwoman named Tia Ciata (Aunt Ciata). It used to stand in the spot where today is the Terreirão do Samba, next to the Sambodrome.

Not surprisingly many of the Gafieiras and Samba Halls are located in the historical Centro of Rio, especially around Lapa. There are sophisticated clubs with gourmet menus and feature attractions. And more relaxed clubs with tables in the open air, while you listen or dance to a live band.

Gafieiras, Pagode and Ballroom Samba

Dance Club in RioSamba de salão, the ballroom samba, is one of the most sensual beats for a couple to dance to. Many Cariocas take lessons of ballroom samba, and you are welcome to join the fun. To get started you have to learn a simple basic step. Let a local friend take the lead, and get down!

The perfect place to practice your newly acquired dance skills are the samba parlors, the gafieiras. Some of them, like Estudantina, have been around for decades. A visit is almost mandatory. The atmosphere is familiar and friendly. You may invite ladies to dance, and they may also pick you up.

Getting Around Lapa

Lapa Arches - AcqueductWe have been accused of being partial by always setting Ipanema as the starting point of our maps. We are guilty as charged, after all this is a website made in Ipanema. But Lapa is the place to be when you want to experience samba. With the subway working until midninght on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends, this is a practical way to get there. Share a taxi back home.

As a lot of people tend to hang out in the streets chatting with friends, be streetwise. Pickpockets may try to take advantage of crowds, be streetsmart!

01. Vinicius Piano Bar Ipanema Rua Vinicius de Moraes, 39
02. Plataforma Leblon Rua Adalberto Ferreira, 12
03. Bar Bip Bip Copacabana Rua Almirante Goncalves, 50
04. Pagode do Guanabara Botafogo Av. Reporter Nestor Moreira, 42
05. Carioca da Gema Lapa Av. Mem de Sa, 79
06. Centro Cultural Carioca Lapa Rua do Teatro, 37
07. Circo Voador Lapa Rua dos Arcos, 1
08. Clube dos Democraticos Lapa Rua do Riachuelo, 91
09. Comuna da Semente Lapa Rua Joaquim Silva , 138
10. Estrela da Lapa Lapa Av. Mem de Sa, 69
11. Lapa 40 Lapa Rua Riachuelo, 97
12. Mistura Carioca Lapa Av. Gomes Freire, 791
13. Rio Scenarium Lapa Rua do Lavradio, 20
14. Sacrilegio Lapa Av. Mem de Sa, 81
15. Bola Preta Centro Rua da Relacao, 3
16. Bossa Nossa Centro Rua do Lavradio, 170
17. Elite Centro R. Frei Caneca, 4
18. Estudantina Centro Praca Tiradentes, 79
19. Quintal Carioca Centro Rua do Lavradio, 25
20. Pagode Portelense Madureira Rua Clara Nunes, 81
21. Clube Renascenca Andarai Rua Barao de Sao Francisco, 54
22. Cacique de Ramos Ramos Rua Uranos, 1.326
23. Pagode Mangueirense Mangueira Rua Visconde de Niteroi, 1.072
24. Cidade do Samba Gamboa Rua Rivadavia Correa, 60
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