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All About Rio de Janeiro

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Welcome to the insider's guide to Rio de Janeiro born and raised in Ipanema! Visit Rio by Subject, our hospitality center, for brief descriptions, and links to our main sections and pages. You may start with Rio for Beginners, and work your way up to more advanced topics such as city tours, lodging, nightlife, Carnival...

All About Leblon
Falling in Love with Leblon!

Rio is not a city you can get to know by staying only a couple of days. Take a full-day city tour, and visit all the main tourist sights on a single day. This will save you from the trouble of buying tickets to individual attractions, there's a lunch break, and the views from both Sugarloaf and Corcovado are worth the travel.
The what? Explore at your own page the most agreeable areas of Rio. They are pedestrian-friendly. You can associate culture, entertainment, nature, great food, blend into the scene. All about Leblon features nothing but the best, with lots of links, and a Google map - navigate with the GPS on your phone!

World Cup
Fifa World Cup in Brazil
We know that tickets to the matches are not easy to get. Got those? Fine. Now you need air tickets to come. Got those, too? Wonderful. Now all you need is a place to stay! And of course you want something central, near the beaches and all attractions, and you don't want to spend a fortune, right? We have great news for you. There are still openings. You will find find them in generic booking tools. Try us!
Carnaval 2014 was wonderful! 2015 is coming...
Carnaval 2014 happened from March 1 through 4, and we published daily the best party picks. Review the pre-parades of Banda de Ipanema, and Simpatia é Quase Amor. Banda de Ipanema on Saturday is also online! This is a link to Simpatia é Quase Amor on Carnaval Sunday, and this is the album of Volta Alice, in Laranjeiras on Monday. The Tuesday Edition of Banda de Ipanema is already online! The Champion's Parade that happened on March 8th was lovely! Unidos da Tijuca is the Champion. Salgueiro was second and Portela was third. The albums will be online soon!
Season's Greetings from Rio!
Fall is one of the best seasons to visit Rio. Hotel rates are back to normal, you will still have your fair share of sunny days. Off-season is different from not happening. There are holidays throughout the year and Easter is just around the corner. Expect fabulous parties, lots of visitors from all around the world. If you want to have the city all to yourself com ruding a non-holiday week and enjoy the city like a true Carioca. See you soon!
Floating Christmas Tree
A City Under Renovations!
Rio is getting ready for major events like the World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016. Traffic has been changed in some streets in Leblon, Praça da Paz in Ipanema was turned into a construction site. Traffic may be chaotic at certain places at certain times. Growing pains that we are ready to deal with using our Carioca fairplay. I walk or go on two wheels whenever I can. Just doing my part, as usual. It is very difficult to park in some areas of Rio. Don't drink and drive. Mind our safety and yours.
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We have also added a live feed from our page with night life suggestions that is updated daily with hand-picked events. Add Rio Night Life by to your Facebook likes and keep in touch. We also have a page on facebook that is basically aimed at the LGBTQ traveler. Nevertheless, has lots of interesting information regardless of your orientation. Keep connected!

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Floating Christmas Tree
Where's the Party in Rio?
One of our most popular sessinos with tips on everything about nighlife in Rio has a new addition. We publish daily our best picks of the night and you enjoy the benefits! Rio Night Life by is one of our latest pages on Facebook. And our postings are all here - if you are logged in you do not have to leave to keep up to date. Our sugestions include Brazilian, dance music, shows, specials, if it is any good we are invited. If we are invited we include you in! To keep connected like the page at Facebook, and feel free to add comments and suggestions!
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