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Copacabana Classics
Walking along the beach is the best way to go people-watching in Copacabana. You will pass by tourists, athletes, beach bums and beauties... Take your time and you will spot the delivery boy killing time under the tree while watching the gentle surf break, the police officer sweating in his boots and full uniform, the beach masseur with an his almost-gone-to-sleep client laying on the table...
Wearing light clothes in the summer is a question of survival. The temperature can easily reach 40° C (around 100 F). Shirts off and beach sandals are the order of the day. Many guys roll their T-shirts and tuck them into the back of their Bermuda shorts. You do need to cover up every now and then (like when you take a bus or taxi, for instance). We spotted these two making their way back from the beach, oblivious to the loud sign on the door of the go-go club.
As we walk further away from the beach we finally start to run into fully clothed people. Shopping or at least window-shopping in Copacabana is lots of fun. Most buildings along Av. Copacabana and Rua Barata Ribeiro have stores and other businesses on the ground floor. There are also small neighborhood malls, specialty shops and discount outlets.
If you are one of those self-conscious women who think you need cosmetic surgery before daring to go out in a string bikini, think again. The beach is Rio's most democratic space and, to be honest, nobody will give it a second though. But then again, this does not mean you have to go walking in the middle of the street singing and waving your shopping bag to cars... Even Cariocas draw a line, you know.

Copacabana Postcards
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Classics
Copacabana Beach
Copacabana Beach
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