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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

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Carnival is Rio's main event. It happens at the peak of summer, when Cariocas are at their best. Festivities attract thousands of people from all corners of the world. Carnaval, as spelled in Portuguese, is a 4-day celebration. It starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday, or Mardi-Gras. Carnival Sunday is seven weeks before Easter Sunday. Dates change every year.
The first records of Carnival festivities in Rio de Janeiro date back to 1723. Immigrants from the Portuguese islands of Azores...
The Samba School Parade at Rio´s Sambodrome is something everybody has to experience at least once in life. The event is broadcast live to several countries, and to all Brazilian states. Watching on TV is cool, but not half as much fun as being there. You have to mingle with the crowd, sweat, maybe even march with a samba school.

 Meet the Sambodrome: 
The Samba Parade became too big for improvisations. Until the mid-eighties bleachers were assembled and disassembled every year on Av. Presidente Vargas. Samba Schools longed for and deserved a more professional site to perform.
Welcome to Pictorial Tours of Carnival, featuring Rio de Janeiro's Samba Parade at the Sambodrome. This two-day extravaganza is considered by many the greatest show on earth. Lasting a total of 20 hours, with seventy thousand participants, twice as many people in the audience, plus millions of spectators glued to their TV sets in Brazil and around the world, it may well be!

Carnival 2014 is from March 1 (Saturday) through 4 (Tuesday). Our party suggestions are now published live and right on time!
 March 4. 2014  »  Live feed 2014 keep up to date with everything Carnaval here or at our Facebook pages, and - the queer guide to night life in Rio!

 Jul. 14, 2013  »  Special Group Samba School Parade 2014 the sequence of schools marching each night has already been published. Learn more!

 Jun. 18, 2013  »  Group A Samba Schools on Friday and Saturday are a more affordable alternative and lots of fun!

 Jun. 11, 2013  »  Banda de Ipanema, opens street Carnaval festivities on February 15. Arrive early and save on your hotel bill! .

 Jun. 4. 2013  »  Simpatia é Quase Amor ia on February 22, and this is one of the most popular street events with the young and beautiful.
A true Carnival Ball features live music. It's usually 2 bands taking turns, and sometimes there is a guest vocalist. Samba percussion is very loud. Bring earplugs if you have sensitive ears. Some balls are broadcast live on TV, and it's really funny watching reporters trying to squeeze answers out of the almost-gone-deaf dancers
Carnival is time to forget your inhibitions, wear a wild costume, play a character, live out your fantasies. Some people go too far, though, and when they are world celebrities, the inevitable slips and funny stories make the headlines.
They may try to organize it, glamorize it, televise it, even industrialize it, but Carnival is something that comes deep from the fun-loving Carioca soul. Carnival in the streets is a living proof of this love. It's free, spontaneous, and everybody's welcome to participate!
Banda de Ipanema's debut was in 1965, right after a military coup. Rio de Janeiro's most irreverent street band was founded by Albino Pinheiro, and members of tabloid newspaper Pasquim. Banda de Ipanema became a major highlight of Carnival in Rio, and was declared part of the city's cultural heritage in 2004.
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