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Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved | Todos os direitos reservadosRio for Beginners is your introduction to the Marvelous City. Here you will find insider's tips and practical information to help you learn exactly what you're getting into.

Meet our people, the Cariocas. Travel through time with a brief history of the city, since it was discovered 500 years ago! Be surprised to find the language here is Portuguese, not Spanish. It's easy to read and pronounce, and you may practice sounds and sentences online.

Going on to more practical stuff, find out how and where to get a traveler's visa (and if you need one at all). Weather our tropical climate season by season, check the weather forecast, and learn how to pack right! Money matters helps make the right decisions on how to bring your spending money, and how much.

Customs and Immigration is a breeze when you follow some common-sense rules. Get around the city in style using the subway, air-conditioned buses and taxis. Understand a little better the concept of a favela. You will avoid any pitfalls with our safety tips, which basically apply to any big city in the world. Learn how to use public phones and Internet, or even rental celular phones. Once you set your watch to Rio's time zone, you are ready to start exploring the city.

We suggest you proceed to Virtual Citytours and Maps, with highlights and attractions of favorite sights, areas and neighborhoods in Rio. Pictorial Tours of Rio is a photo guide to the city with hundreds of original images and insider's tips. Once you are familiar with the city you are ready to learn All About Hotels, and take advantage of the convenient reservation forms to request your travel services.

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Delightful and down-to-earth guide for the first time visitor to the land of the samba and the thong. You'll learn how to weather customs, avoid mugging, travel around the city, and relax into the sensual life like a native Carioca. ( Excite NetReviews )
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