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Big, Sexy and Divine!

Diva extraordinaire, Laura de Vison is a household name in Brazil. She was part of the first group of drag performers that made it to a mainstream theater, the legendary Les Girls of Teatro Carlos Gomes in early 60's.

A graduate in History, Philosophy and Psichology, for decades she led a double life. During the day it was time for Norberto, the history teacher in a suit. At night Laura rules, and the performance nights she hosted at Cabaret Boêmio downtown were a must-see for locals and international visitors. Boêmio closed down in 1998 (the building was bought by a major bank).

If the mood is right Laura will do anything! Eating raw liver, sliding down the railway of the staircase in all her almost 300 pounds of glory, and doing stunts with live chicken are among the surprises. Many compare her to actor and performer Divine (as in John Water's movies).


Laura de Vison is also a talented actor, and was even awarded for her performance at a short movie, Mamãe Parabólica. She also made it to be big screen at movies like Memórias Póstumas de Brás Cubas (director Bressane) where she plaid the role of a high-society lady and at Noite, by director Gilberto Loureiro.

Laura also has a solid TV experience. After a participation as part of the jury of a top Sunday TV show "Big Domingo" with Gugu Liberato she caused such a big impression she was hired as a permanent attraction. In 1999 she was finally invited to play a major role in Você Decide, an interactive program on Rede Globo, the biggest TV network.

Laura and Carnival are also two concepts that were made for each other. When samba school Mocidade Independente de Padre Mighel chose the deadly sins as a theme for the Carnival Parade, Laura was the natural choice to go in front of the float representing gluttony... In 1999 Banda da Carmen Miranda chose Laura as the godmother!

Laura is available for shows and performances. For details, please call 55-21-509-0489 or send your e-mail to


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