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One of the major Rio attractions are the myriad nightlife possibilities. Cariocas are a festive breed, and seem to find a different thing to do every night of the week. Start with a meal in a favorite restaurant. Go on to the movies or theater, or warm up at the bars and cafés. Stretch the night at the samba halls, dance clubs and special parties. There's lots to do if you're young, old, single, married, straight, gay, lesbian, or anything in-between. This is a city that caters to all tastes.

Let's say you're just too tired to go out and do something. Well, you may always watch some TV in your hotel room. In addition to the open channels, many properties offer cable channels in English, and you can tune in your favorite network. But if you don't feel like a couch potato...

Movie theaters in Rio feature movies in the original language, with Portuguese subtitles. The theater scene is also quite interesting. Even if you don't speak the language, you will enjoy watching musicals, or even something more sophisticated like the opera or a ballet at the Municipal Theater. Live music and shows are an attraction apart. There's everything from intimate performances in cozy cafes, to major shows at concert halls for as many as 6,000.

Bars and cafes are the places where Cariocas get together before they go out dancing (and after). Sip a beer and flirt at one of the popular baixos, streets that concentrate a number of venues. The dance scene is very diversified. Do not miss the gafieiras, Rio de Janeiro's famous samba halls. A good start is Lapa, Rio's traditional bohemian center that went through a revival recently. Learn some new steps, dance to local beats like samba, pagode, and bossa nova, or other familiar ballroom staples, like salsa, tango, etc.

Dance clubs play the latest hits from house to techno, trance, whatever is the new trend. Find the right club for you, and have a great time! On weekends do not miss circuit parties, and other specials.

Rio is a favorite destination for gays, lesbians, bi's, and transpeople. Rio Gay Guide includes tips on GLBT bars, cruisy areas, dance clubs and parties, and other activities of interest, from beaches to baths and beyond... Try a little of everything, or a lot of a one thing. Whatever your taste, we are sure you will come back for more!

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