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Leme Beach
There are so many hotels, flats and inns in Rio de Janeiro that the choice can be quite overwhelming. Even when you find detailed and unbiased descriptions of each property, it can be hard to pick out the right choice. To help you out, we sorted hotels by area and by price range. We still kept getting messages from visitors asking us about personal favorites...

Well, here they are. This listing includes only properties that associate a top location to friendly service and competitive prices in their category. We have prepared a special page dedicated to each of these hotels and flats to give you more details on what to expect - from rates to facilities, photos, location maps and other aspects of interest. We are sure you will enjoy your stay.

California Othon Copa Av. Atlantica, 2616
Debret Copa Rua Almirante Gonçalves, 5
Lancaster Othon Copa Av. Atlântica, 1470
Majestic Rio Copa Rua Cinco de Julho, 195
Mirador Rio Copa Rua Tonelero, 338
Mirasol Copa Rua Rodolfo Dantas, 86
Olinda Othon Copa Av. Atlântica, 2230
Rio Othon Palace Copa Av. Atlântica, 3264
Real Palace Copa Av. Princesa Isabel, 500
Royal Rio Copa Rua Duvivier, 82
Savoy Othon Copa Av. Copacabana, 995
South American Copa Rua Francisco Sá, 90
Travel Inn Rio Roiss Copa Rua Ayres Saldanha, 48
Golden Tulip Ipanema Plaza Ipanema Rua Farme de Amoedo, 34
Ipanema Tower Ipanema Rua Prudente de Morais, 1008
Mar Ipanema Ipanema Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 539
Praia Ipanema Ipanema Av. Vieira Souto, 706
Sol Ipanema Ipanema Av. Vieira Souto, 320
Marina All-Suites Leblon Av. Delfim Moreira, 696
Marina Palace Leblon Av. Delfim Moreira, 630
Leme Othon Palace Leme Av. Atlântica, 656
Merlin Copacabana Leme Av. Princesa Isabel, 392
Best Western Rio Copa Leme Av. Princesa Isabel, 370
Aeroporto Othon Downtown Av. Beira Mar, 280
Rio's Nice Downtown Rua do Riachuelo, 201
Rio's Presidente Downtown Rua Pedro I, 19
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