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Hotels in Botafogo, Flamengo, Catete and Gloria
Botafogo Bay and Sugarloaf

Flamengo Park and BeachBotafogo, Flamengo, Catete and Glória are the areas between South Side beaches and Historical Centro. As they are served by the subway, you are minutes away from all attractions. There are cultural center, museums, good restaurants and shopping nearby. Botafogo concentrates many historical mansions. There are bay beaches in Flamengo and Botafogo with a view to the Sugarloaf. Guanabara Bay is not suitable for swimming, this is where boating happens.

Flamengo is home to a sprawling park along the bay, with gardens planned by landscape designer Burle Marx. Catete and Gloria share the same park, where you will find the Museum of Modern Art and Marina da Gloria.One of the reasons to choose these areas are night life possibilities.

This page includes hotel suggestions carefully picked up by our travel experts based in Rio, we know our way around town. We have recently added buget options that are favorite with our visitors. As Rio can be a very hot city, there are some basics we make sure are available. All properties suggested offer units with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. Bookings are processed in real time, and the wholesaler offers a best rate guarantee.
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