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Deluxe 5-Star Hotels in Rio
Facade of Historical Luxury Hotel Copacabana Palace

Deluxe hotels have been part of Rio de Janeiro's lodging scene since the 1920's. Hotel Copacabana Palace, designed by French architect Joseph Gire. Its debut to the world in grand style was as a setting to classic movie Flying Down to Rio, with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The casino had attractions like Marlene Dietrich, and a host of Hollywood stars were friends and guests of owner Jorginho Guinle.

View from the pool at deluxe Sheraton BarraNow under management of the Belmond group, Copacabana Palace is still a reference. There are other five-star hotels along Copacabana Beach. You can also choose the beaches of Ipanema, Leblon or Vidigal to be pampered. Santa Teresa Rélais et Chateaux introduced Historical Rio to the scene with their spa and restaurant.

The new darling of 5-star hoteliers, though, is Barra da Tijuca. There were larger lots to build luxury beachside hotels. They have already been approved by international soccer teams during the Fifa World Cup.

Hotels in this price range usually have a higher ratio of employees per guest. Extra facilities may include anything from tennis courts to luxury spas. You can take laps where Princess Diana exercised during her visit to Rio. Enjoy a drink in the room from where Amy Winehouse greeted her fans. Enjoy a special treatment. Use the map for orientation, and click on the names of individual properties for our tips, more details, photos, and reviews from verified guests. Enter the dates of your stay for the lowest rate available. Bookings are processed in real time, and our wholesaler offers a best-rate guarantee!
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