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About online reservations:

  • When and how did you start offering reservations online?
  • What do I have to do to book a room online?
  • How long does it actually take to get a confirmation?
  • But I sent you a request weeks ago and never got an answer...
  • How much do you charge for a reservation? Do I have to prepay?
  • You need my credit card information, right?
  • But I don't have to submit my credit card number online, right?
  • But I don't have a fax machine! Now what?
  • What guarantees do I have?
  • Are booking requests answered by a machine?
  • What is the advantage of booking a hotel through you?
  • Is there a travel agency involved in the reservation process?

About Hotels and Flats

  • What kind of hotels do you work with?
  • You don't actually visit each and every property in person, do you?
  • Do I have to choose a hotel, or can you do it for me?
  • And what if you can't find a room for me in the hotel I requested?
  • Have you ever removed a hotel from your lists?
  • That means than that if a hotel is not recommended, it's a dump?
  • What are the standard features of a hotel in Rio?
  • How much do I pay for phone calls?
  • What's in the small refrigerator?
  • What are the differences from a hotel in the US?
  • How come you offer discount rates?
  • Does that mean that you guarantee the lowest rates in the world?
  • If I bring a printout of your page, will the hotel extend the discounts to me?
  • Are rates quoted online per room or per person?
  • Why don't you quote online the rates for the hotel I am interested in?
  • My travel agent booked a hotel from your list for me at a much higher rate. Can you help?

About Carnival and New Year's

  • Do you book rooms for Carnival, New Year's Eve, and special events?
  • Is there a minimum stay? What is the policy?
  • What exactly is a package, and how can I prepay?
  • Can you break, or maybe bend the rules for me? I need fewer nights...

Guests with special needs & stories

  • Do you recommend any hotels for the business traveler?
  • I am traveling with children. Can you help?
  • I am single but not for long... Can I take guests to my room?
  • What if the hotel does not let me take a guest up?
  • Any special tips for gays and lesbians?
  • Are there any hotels where clothing is optional?
  • Do you offer hotels with non-smoking rooms?
  • Any hotels with casinos?
  • What are the most common complaints you get?
  • Do you get any funny complaints?

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