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View to Sugarloaf from Centro at Praca Mahatma Ghandi

Corcovado Mountain seen from the canal between Ipanema and Leblon Rio is a tropical city and, when you are choosing a place to stay, air-conditioning makes a difference. Ensuite bathrooms also add a lot. And staying near the main attractions or a subway station with quick access to other areas is starting on the right foot.

This page was created especially for the budget-minded visitor or local looking for a place to stay with all the basics and affordable rates. Hotels featured here are rated two-stars by our wholesaler. Many of them come with pleasant surprise or two!

Hotels in this price range may offer free wi-fi, traditionally breakfast is included in the rates. There are suggestions in Barra, Ipanema, Copacabana, Flamengo and Centro. Use the map for orientation, and click on individual properties for photos, reviews by guests, more details and the rates for the period you need. Bookings are processed in real time, and our wholesaler offers a best-rate guarantee!
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