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Photo by Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Ipanema and Leblon Beaches are actually just one. The borderline is Allah's Garden, that connects Lagoa to the ocean. The 2 beaches together are not more than 2,5 miles long. Walking, jogging, skating and cycling from one end to the other is one of the ways Cariocas keep fit.
Mirante do Leblon, an overlook at the west end of the beach, is the best place for you to take panoramic photos of Leblon and Ipanema beaches. You also have a view to towering Sheraton Hotel and the popular community (favela) of Vidigal.
Watching the skyline of Leblon will give you an insight into Rio de Janeiro's lifestyle. You will see penthouses with pools and gardens, top hotels, green mountains, sand and surf. You cannot miss the popular community (favela) of Vidigal nearby. In Rio social classes that are worlds apart have a chance to live next to each other and even share democratically the same beach.
Some of Rio's most sophisticated buildings are located along Leblon Beach, most are only 4 to six stories high. You could easily spend over a US$1 million on 3 or 4-bedroom apartment. In more exclusive buildings like Apolo XI or Juan les Pins, you would pay at least twice as much if you were lucky to find anything for sale, that is.
This roundabout is the end of the bicycle lane. There is a small park with a work-out station. Sometimes there are rodas de capoeira here. The statue in bronze is of Zozimo Barroso de Amaral, a journalist that lived part of his life in Ipanema, and part in Leblon.
This is Leblon's most famous beach kiosk, Baixo Bebe. This is where young mothers and families with babies meet. There are lots of toys for the kids, and a diaper changing station. There's always something happening at Baixo Bebe on special holidays, and weekends are especially popular. While the children play, parents can socialize in the best Carioca way!
Lush mountains surround Leblon and Gávea. The forest is home to native wildlife, including small monkeys, several birds, and even more exotic animals like the sloth. All this vegetation helps keep the temperature down during scorching summer days. Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved. Todos os direitos reservados.
Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved. Todos os direitos reservados. Charming three and four-story buildings are a frequent sight in Leblon. Many do not have a garage or an elevator. Finding an apartment in one of these buildings is a dream come true. Prices are lower, and everybody knows that stair climbing is good for you. And then again, with everything in a walking distance and taxis all around, who needs a car, anyway?
Ataulfo de Paiva is Leblon's main street. Attractions include a number of neighborhood malls, movie theaters, theaters, restaurants, bars and cafés. There are convenience stores, drugstores and newsstands open around the clock. The street goes past Allah's Garden into Ipanema changing names to Visconde de Pirajá.
Photo by Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados. Areas concentrating cafés, bars and restaurants are popularly known as baixos (pronounced by-shows). The corner of Streets Carlos Goes and Ataúlfo de Paiva is always a good bet. Attractions include 2 movie theaters, a two-story branch of McDonalds, a café, and then there's Clipper. This is one of Rio's favorite botequim-style bars, and a meeting spot for the golden youth of Ipanema and Leblon. Getting together to celebrate a soccer match at Clipper is considered de rigueur...
When visiting Leblon a stop in one of the cafés or restaurants with outdoor tables is almost mandatory. While you enjoy a beer or snack keep an eye on the good looking Cariocas passing by. Many of these cafés keep open until past 4 a.m. and are perfectly for your after-hours munchies. Photo by Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados.
Cartoons by Ziraldo. All rights reserved. Direitos reservados.
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