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Fred Weimaraner from Ipanema

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Fred, the Weimaraner from Ipanema

Meet Fred, your four-legged host from Ipanema. Fred is always alert, and willing to make new friends, and he...

Fred was born in Rio and raised in Ipanema - right next to the beach, that he considered his personal playground. He developed a number of curious habits over the years.

Let´s join him on a ride along Ipanema Beach, and take a look at the unique method he created to keep his breath fresh, his gums healthy, and his teeth well flossed. It worked every time

Hi, there! Welcome to my home on the web.

I'm Fred, the Weimaraner from Ipanema. My first page went online in February 96, when I was simply impossible at five. When I was eight i gained a sister, Lulu. This Labrador basically spent all her time keeping me busy, and I lived a very happy life till the age of 16.

Each year I had was special, come celebrate my 12th birthday with my sister Lulu (they baked us a 12-second cake). I would like you to meet my family my friends, and my neighborhood. I have spent all my life in Ipanema, since I was a puppy.

Other than making my human companions the happiest people in the world, just for seeing the world through my eyes, I have done a lot of stuff myself! I worked on two TV commercial for the classifieds, donated blood to a dog that needed it. I traveled to amazing places like Buzios, and one of my specialties was fetching stuff out of the sea and body surfing my way back to the sand.

I learned amazing tricks like sitting down and lying when my master raised his eyebrow, bark upon request when he rolled his eyes, hop like a kangaroo while he sang that silly Kangaroo Hop from a Mel Brooks movie...

If you already love Weimaraners, welcome aboard. If you thought that the breed spelled why-am-I-a-runner, get ready to meet some of the most fascinating creatures in the universe. We have selected the best Weim webclips we found including some of my own!
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