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Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

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Home » Carnival in Rio » Funny but True Carnival Stories » TV Gives Away TV at Large
Photo by Silviano for  All rights reserved.  Todos os direitos reservados.Major Carnival balls in Rio are broadcast live. Some partygoers shy away from the cameras to avoid trouble with the "old lady" or the "old man" back home. Others will give an arm and a leg for a few seconds of glory.

Gala Gay is one of those balls that is traditionally televised. It happens on the last Carnival day at a nightclub in Leblon right across from a police precinct. Among other attractions this ball features a small runway where those arriving may march to a cheering crowd. At the end of the walkway a TV reporter interviews some of the newly arrived. There is a shortcut for those who want to keep a lower profile, but most partygoers are dressed to kill and enjoy the Hollywood-style entry.

The concentration of drag queens and exotic characters is obviously quite high at this particular ball. On Carnival 96 one of these delightfully gay creatures decided to use the TV opportunity. She just could not resist the lure of the spotlight. Opening her biggest smile she said a candid "Hello Brazil!" to the camera.

The bird of feathers was arrested 30 minutes later by police authorities. A convicted criminal, he had simply disappeared while on parole... We still wonder how on earth this sharp eyed police officer could have recognized our little light bug under all the make up on a small TV screen, but that's another story.

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