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Home » Carnival in Rio » Funny but True Carnival Stories » The President & The Pussycatch
Photo by Silviano for All rights reserved. Todos os direitos reservados. This photo is digitally watermarked and tracked. Property of few years ago a Brazilian president decided to spend Carnival in Rio and show how much he loved the city. He ended up making the headlines of all newspapers in Brazil for reasons way beyond his control.

Carnival costumes are made to look good from a distance. They are not the most comfortable outfits to wear, though. Sometimes the finish is really quite poor, and there is no lining to protect your skin against the rubbing. Those impossible Carnival bikini bottoms that seem to float, for instance, are usually held together by metal wires - a torture!

People who march with a samba school often buy a ticket to watch the rest of the parade. Most everybody prefers to change into regular street clothes. It just makes sense. Premium mezzanine boxes even have showers among their facilities exactly for that purpose. Nothing in the world could be more innocent than putting on a T-shirt, right? So thought some absent minded fashion model and actress who had just marched on top of a float.

Smart girl that she was, she had brought along from home a sort of a longish T-shirt. In the rush she simply forgot to put on her panties, though. Oh, all those details.. Somehow Ms. Fur Panties ended up being invited to the president's box, and a friend took care of making introductions himself. The president we are talking about here was single. You can imagine how much his hosts were trying to please him in each and every way. The model and actress, in turn, saw a big break coming. A president was a much better catch than she could have ever dreamed of... She stuck to him like a band-aid. After a friendly conversation they went together to the window of his mezzanine box. It was time to watch a new school march its way down the Sambodrome.

You know how samba affects people. It's hard to resist. As they got more and more enthusiastic she started raising her arms to greet the dancers. And then the inevitable happened: Peek-a-Boo! A photographer with a wicked sense of humor captured the Kodak moment, and the rest is history.

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